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Solar + Sustainability
Energy independence should be affordable and available to all, we're here to ensure your move to renewable energy is the best experience possible, not just for the day of installation, but for many years to come.

We have years of experience bringing projects large and small, residential, commercial and off-grid to life. No situation is the same when it come to energy use, future demands, and scalability. We pride ourselves on how well our clients perform long term. We're a women-driven business whose focus on sustainability and dedication to service is paramount.

Find out how we have helped so many of your neighbors and local businesses achieve energy independence with maximum savings.

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Solar Advisors | IoT | Sustainability | Partnerships
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marvel renewables, best solar company,better earth, better earth solar, best solar, marin county,


marvel renewables, best solar company,better earth, better earth solar, best solar, marin county,


what we do
The Power of Power
Solar power is now one of the most economical forms of energy in the United States. In most areas this means by going solar you can reduce your lifetime spend by tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By owning your power, you can achieve savings, independence and added value to your property. And yes, there are many ways to finance your solar so you don't have to pay for it all out-of-pocket.

We take the guesswork out of finding the lowest rate WITH the best service, warranties, and equipment. We use personally vetted partners and won't settle for second rate.

We are your trusted solar advisors. 
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Our story
leila seppa, marvel renewables, better earth, best solar company, best solar marin, best solar sonoma, women solar, givepower, goodleap, MCE, marin clean energy
We started in sustainability and solar because we believe in a world that can be regenerative and self-reliant. Our years of experience in operations management and creative strategy led us to solar and energy technology at exactly the right moment in time... we work to create better home and business solutions that can, well... make life better. 

From the top tier 1 solar panels, IoT smart home technology, to the best battery backups in the biz, we are constantly striving to find innovative and sustainable solutions to create a better living and working environment that is affordable and future proof.
We don't believe in over-selling, in fact we don't believe in selling at all. We're here to guide you as trusted advisors so that you're equipped to make the best decision for your home and your family. At the same time, we have a goal of our own - we work every day on solutions that help our planet, create equity through the power of the sun, and help as many families as we can, go solar and save. 

The name Marvel came from our great-grandmother, it literally means 'to be filled with wonder and astonishment' and we think apropos because self-owned, renewable power is just that - marvelous.
We look forward to working with you!

-Leila Seppa, Haley Seppa (The Solar Sisters)
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Partnerships & Teams
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Partnerships in solar can take many forms, and we like to be agile in our relationships, making them work best for all parties involved. Mutually beneficial relationships with realtors, brokers, mortgage lenders, architects and builders are among the many referring relationships we love to build. We are the trusted resource for many of our partners to provide the best path for their clients to move forward with solar savings, ESS (battery storage) and more. From small residential systems to large scale commercial or off-grid, we value your role working with clients to bring their energy solutions to life.

Reach out today to talk with us about training for your teams, creating a referring relationship with us, or find out how to work directly with your clients as a Solar Advisor. 

Leila Seppa
(415) 644-8827
LOGO MARVEL 2-08.png
  • Do you work with businesses and homes?
    Yes we do! We can help in both business/commercial projects and residential
  • How much does solar cost?
    Any good solar solution should be customized to your home and your energy usage. This means the total cost can vary based on your specific situation. We do not do "one size fits all" or basic choices, we strive to ensure the system designed for you will work for right now AND your future needs.
  • Are there any rebates or tax incentives available?
    Yes! Currently there is a 30% Federal Tax Incentive available from 2022. Most homeowners can take advantage of this tax incentive but each persons situation is unique - talk to your tax professional to ensure you can apply this to your Federal taxes. Across different counties and States there are also different incentives available, to understand which incentives could be available to you, schedule an appointment with us.
  • What does the process of going solar entail?
    To begin with, we set up an initial meeting and look at your previous energy usage (we do this through information from your energy provider). Typically we like to look at at least 12 months of prior usage, however sometimes we work on common estimations if you've just moved into your home or have only been there for a few months. We'll also discuss your future plans and ensure that you get a correctly sized systems to current & future-proof your solar investment. Once we have the data from your home and plans, we'll go through a proposal that looks at the overall design, the agreement, the pricing, and available incentives. Financing is available! Many times, clients can get access to great financing options and still save money versus sticking with the electric company. Often, saving with solar can equal thousands to tens of thousands of dollars saved. As stated prior, each home and situation is unique and a professional evaluation is required to ensure you get what you need.
  • What battery / storage solutions do you recommend?
    Our installer partners have multiple battery storage solutions. We can customize the type of battery options available when we create your proposal and choose the solution that fits your home or business.
  • How do I get started?
    Reach out to us and set up an initial meeting! (415) 644-8827


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